I Know Why

I Know Why


I know why

I search to numb and to forget

the hurt inflicted

upon this fragile soul.

I only wanted Love

not malice,

nor torture to my limbs.

Yet every time I trusted,

it turned on me again

and burned my delicate skin.

I seem to be the kind to seek

the subtle wind that blows.  

It calls my name and I follow it

no matter where it goes. 

It takes me to unknown places,

to journeys in my mind.  


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The Sound of Screaming Silence

The Sound of Screaming Silence


Silence surrounds the table as we all sit still and wait.  Mother sits down and starts the prayer we all know perfectly by heart.  Dad doesn’t follow along, just sits and stares ahead.  We mumble through the nightly prayer, thankful for what we’ve got.  Milk mustaches soothe our summer sunburned skin.  Blonde hair glistens, blue eyes watch, as Mom and Dad set in.  The silent war begins as the…

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